Our professional care managers assist families in planning, coordinating and supervising the care needed to maintain the best quality of life for their aging loved ones.  We understand that each situation is unique and adapt our services for the best fit and outcome. 


  • ASSESSMENT: We assess your situation, develop a personalized plan, and then implement the plan.

  • MONITORING:  We will visit the client as often as necessary to ensure the care plan is in place and provide updates to your family.  

  • PROBLEM SOLVING: We provide answers at times of uncertainty and guidance that lead families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love. We can help you identify and solve problems before they occur and find solutions to your most challenging concerns.  

  • ADVOCACY: We serve as effective and seasoned advocates for clients and their families, promoting the client's wishes and ensuring the client's needs are being met. 

  • CARE COORDINATION: We coordinate medical services and care. Our services may include scheduling doctor's visits, attending medical appointments, medication management and coordination of in-home care, home health care and hospice services.    

  • LONG DISTANCE CAREGIVING: Serve as a liaison between the senior and medical, social service and psychiatric professionals and monitor for changes in the client's status. 

  • CONSULTATION: In-office appointments to provide counseling, education and support to help family members with aging issues and concerns.