As Aging Life Care Managers, our goal at ElderSource is to preserve the very best quality of life for your loved one while assuring your peace of mind. We are able to address a broad range of issues related to the well-being of our clients. We can assist in the following areas:

Health & Disability

·      In-home assessments to determine care needs and provide recommendations to improve one’s safety and quality of life

·      Screen, arrange, and monitor in home help and other services

·      Manage, coordinate, and accompany to medical appointments

·      Facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family

. Referrals to geriatricians and other health care specialists

. On-going support and supervision


·      Referrals to elder law attorneys & estate planning services

·      Partner with elder law attorneys to manage difficult family dynamics

·      Deter elder abuse by oversight

·      Guardianship


·      Provide information about entitlement programs

·      Insurance coordination

·      Access long-term care benefits

·      Consult with trust officers and financial planners to meet client’s care needs


·      Help managing care transitions

·      Household management and maintenance

·      Handicap & home safety modifications


·      Act as a liaison for long-distance families

·      Facilitate family meeting and help resolve concerns

Local Resources

·      Link clients to health care and community services

·      Coordinate social, recreational, spiritual, or cultural activities to enrich the quality of life of our clients


· Serve as an advocate for older adults in a long term care facility on behalf of a long distance family member.

Crisis Intervention

·      Offer direction and support to families in crisis.

. Handle emergency situations for long distance families, who are established clients of ElderSource